Léviko Hyundai

Côté humain de l’auto

2015 – 2020

Léviko is a Hyundai car dealership located in Levis. In 2015, the company hired sphynx to oversee its digital transformation and expand its digital presence. Continuously adapted and renewed strategies have allowed the dealership to position itself as a leader in digital transformation in the automotive industry across Quebec. Community management, brand content creation, dynamic SEO, micro-targeting, digital advertising, campaign creation, development of interactive advertising tools, event coverage… for nearly 5 years, sphynx has come up with innovative strategies to increase the visibility and notoriety of the dealership.

The objective: to act as a complete marketing department.

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The social content strategy aims to inform, educate and entertain the community, without selling them anything. Daily monitoring allows us to create original and high-quality content in the Hyundai brand environment. Léviko’s “Le côté humain de l’auto” and Hyundai’s core values of reliability and innovation are at the heart of our approach. Sphynx also travels to all events sponsored by Léviko Hyundai, or in connection with the Quebec automotive industry, to produce photo or video content.

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Strategic consulting above all.

In 2018, Léviko asked the studio to help reduce its used vehicles inventory turnover. The Sphynx solution? To develop a digital tool that would allow the creation of 3D commercials of a used vehicle, with the right colours and the right features, without having to wait to receive the vehicle and photograph it. Combined with a dynamic SEO strategy for each car in stock, this solution allowed to considerably reduce promotion and marketing delays in order to accelerate the stock rotation.

strategy & digital advertising   dynamic SEO

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The digital breakthrough lies on the availability of experience metrics, that allow to test campaigns and optimize their deployment to maximize the impact of the message on a specific target. Sphynx has thus been able to develop successful and targeted campaigns across different digital channels.

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