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Café découverte

since 2017

The Mayflower is an independent specialty coffee shop located in Quebec City. Passionate about exceptional coffees, which they import from Ethiopia and Kenya, amongst others, the founders asked sphynx to create the essence of their brand and its expression. For the coffee geeks, the Mayflower is known as a “third wave coffee shop”. For all, this place is a rare experience. The name refers to the first boat that imported coffee to North America and the logo echoes the image of its sails with lightness and precision. A graphic language that expresses the prestige of a premium product, carefully prepared by true coffee artisans.

The objective: to create, develop and deploy the brand and assist its founders in optimizing investments to make this small coffee shop a great institution.

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Logo Mayflower Québec
Sign Mayflower Québec
Promo Card Mayflower Québec
Cupholder Mayflower Québec
Stamp Mayflower Québec

The added value of sphynx comes to life in the method and the customer relationship. To facilitate the maintenance of the online store inventory, the team has developed a digital photo studio that enables the mechanization of the processes. For each new brand of coffee sold, the bags are formatted and edited in 3D to speed up the sales process without waiting for a photo shoot. A proactive and pragmatic solution that saves time.


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Shop Mayflower Québec
Shop Mayflower Québec
Website Mayflower Québec

Since the opening of the coffee shop, sphynx has been responsible for the creation of all of Mayflower’s digital content. In 4 years, the Mayflower acquired more than 5000 followers. A loyal community acquired through harmonious and useful organic content.  @mayflowerquebec

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Cécile Nourry Mayflower Québec
Instagram Mayflower Québec
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